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 College Level Music Major  

Admission is open to any student striving for a professional career in music. Generally, a student needs previous high school performance experience and minimum music reading skills. Students lacking technical or performance skills will be placed in applied performance level 1.0 or 2.0 and assigned to preparatory level music classes and applied music lessons until a minimum level is achieved.

Admission to the college level music major program requires the following:

1. Admission to South Suburban College

Admission to SSC as a college level student is accomplished through the Office of Admissions and Records. This usually requires the student to make an appointment with an admissions counselor, filling out an application for admission and requesting high school transcripts sent to SSC.

2. Consultation with a music advisor or the department chair

It is important to consult with a music advisor before registering for classes. This assists the student in proper selection of courses, course sequences and level placement. 

3. Placement test in music theory

The placement test in music theory determines the student's course placement at the start of the music theory sequence. A passing score is required for placement in Music 101 - Music Theory I. Students who do not achieve a passing level will be placed in Music 100 to prepare for Music 101. The student is advised to review the following music theory materials:

4. Consultation with a piano faculty member for piano level placement

Keyboard proficiency including sight reading, harmonization and transposition is required of all music majors. Students with no previous piano experience will be placed in Music 171 - Class Piano for music majors. Students with previous piano experience may elect to substitute minor private applied lessons (Music 151) for class piano. Piano and organ majors will demonstrate keyboard proficiency as part of their applied major requirements and must select class voice or other minor level instrument.

5. A performance placement audition before the music faculty

The student should prepare one or two examples of his performance ability to present before the music faculty. In addition the student will be required to sight read a musical example provided by the music faculty. This audition will determine the entry level of the student in the applied music program. Students may be placed at any appropriate level. If the level is below the minimum average entering level for college music majors, minor applied or continuing education lessons will be required until an applied music faculty member recommends registration in a major applied music course.

Preparatory or Continuing Education

Admission to the preparatory or continuing education programs is open to any person. However, certain minimum age, school grade level or technical and performance skill levels are required for specific instruments or ensembles.

Minimum Age or Grade Levels for Admission:

Minimum Technical and Performance Skills:

Performance Ensembles

Ensemble Audition Requirements:

Contact the ensemble director to arrange for an audition time.

Symphonic Band, Jazz Band and South Suburban Chorale: Music sight reading and performance ability. The director usually auditions new members at the first rehearsal of each semester.

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