COURSE: Math 115
INSTRUCTOR: Mr. David Anderson
PREREQUISITE: C or better in (intermediate algebra) or qualifying ASSET score


1. ANGEL,PORTER A Survey of Mathematics With Applications
expanded 6th ed
2. Scientific Calculator ( TI-83 graphics calculator optional)
3. Computer with internet connection that satisfies WebCT requirements.
4. Windows compatible interface.


This course, for non science majors, is designed to provide a strong background and appreciation for advanced mathematics. Set theory, logic, probability, and statistics will be studied in depth.


1. 30% quiz, projects, any other graded assignments
2. 45% tests
3. 25% final


Students should log on to the WebCT site several times a week. Attendance must be taken for school records. Any student who has not logged on for 7 days in a row will is subject to a teacher F. A student with a teacher F must formally withdraw from the course to avoid a grade of F.


Some topics may be examined using TI-83 graphics calculators. A graphics calculator is not required for the course but you may find one helpful. A scientific calculator is the minimum requirement.


It is assumed that you will read your text. To get the most out of this course you should take advantage of all features of the Coursecompass web site. The interactive online text is also helpful if it will run on your computer. I also post notes for many sections. Ultimately, you are responsible for using the resources available to master course topics.


Homework will be assigned for each section. You are expected to try all assigned homework. Homework questions should be posted on the math discussion board. You will get two participation grades for these postings. The grade is based on the number and quality of your postings on the math discussion board.


There will be 3 tests. Tests must be taken on campus during the designated time window. Tests not taken during the test window must be made up.The makeup score will either come from a makeup test or will be based on the final exam. Both options come with a 20% score reduction. The instructor chooses the option.


A comprehensive final will be given during the last week of class. You must take the final on campus.


Projects relating to the current section will be turned in. The number and type of these projects depends on time constraints but expect at least one per chapter. Most projects will be done in groups. You will be assigned to a group and a portion of the grade will be based on group participation.


There will be at least one online quiz for each chapter. The main purpose of the quizzes is to encourage you to keep up with the course schedule. You will be allowed 3 attempts on each quiz. Your highest score will be counted. Any quiz or project not completed by the posted deadline will be scored 0.

Note: You will be given ample time to complete quizzes and projects. You should not wait until the last minute to complete quizzes and assignments. You could end up with a technical problems that leaves you with no credit.


Cheating on any test or quiz will result in an automatic failing for that activity. It may also result in automatic failure for the entire course.


Total points will be kept in each category and final grades will be determined by
90% A
80% B
70% C
60% D


Refer to the WebCT site and view the calender.


1. WebCT email: I will try to check and reply to email at least every other day. However, I am not available 24/7. There may be times when I will not respond to an email for 2 days.
2. Discussion board: Students should respond to each other here. I will check the boards
and respond when necessary.
3. Phone: 596-2000 ext2332. . Leave a message only if you are unable to reach me through WebCT email.

I consider all handouts and postings referring to course policies as extensions of this syllabus.

All information in this syllabus is subject to change due to errors or omissions.