Follow these instructions.  For more help, check around on the registration page.  Email if this does not work for you.  As soon as you get into WebCt, then you can get the course id that is needed.  Check your mail in WebCt.



Note: Students who need to enroll in another course based on the same textbook as a course they are taking or have already taken should go through their Pearson Account Summary to enroll. They do not need to use a new access code or make a payment

a.                  Go to and log in.

b.                  Under the list of CourseCompass products, click Enroll in another Course.

c.                   Enter the course ID received from the instructor of the new course, confirm the course information, and click Next.

If the student is prompted to provide an access code or purchase course access using a credit card, the course materials do not match the previous course. The student should see the instructor.

d.                  Click Enter Course Now to start using the new course.