English 101/M. Liauba/Syllabus

Office: Room 3132

Phone (708) 596-2000, extension 2327

Mailbox: Room 3116

This course concentrates on the study and writing of essays. You will learn how to proceed from prewriting and drafting, to proofreading the final paper. You will also learn how to use Word, and how to do MLA documentation.

You will write five essays in different rhetorical modes, write a journal, take occasional quizzes on the material, and more. You will participate in group discussions and in projects that will be done in the classroom and in the lab.

You must bring the required textbook or a photocopy of the relevant text to every class session. Copies of this book are on reserve in the library.

All assignments are to be your own original work. Material that is intentionally copied and is without its author acknowledged, taken from a published or an unpublished source, will be considered plagiarism. Plagiarists will fail this course.


The St. Martin's Guide to Writing, 6th Edition, by Rise B. Axelrod and Charles R. Cooper

2 formatted 3.5" computer discs


You must complete and hand in all five essays, along with their prewriting and drafts, and participate in the draft conferences. These essays are to be at least 3 typed (wordprocessor or computer only) double-spaced pages in length, and no more than 5 typed, double-spaced pages in length. The size of the type should be 12 point. Do not use a script or novelty font, or type in all caps. Black is the only acceptable ink color. The paper should be white. There should be no more than a 1" margin all the way around the page. Deviations from these standards will result in the paper being returned to you for retyping, with a late penalty applied.

Assignments are due on the dates given. If a paper is handed in after the class is over, it is late. A paper that is one class day late will have its points reduced by 10%, and a paper that is two class days late will have its points reduced by another 10%. A paper that is three class days late will be worth zero points, but it must still be handed in.

You are responsible for all assigned work.

The papers are 80% of your grade. The homework, classwork, quizzes, and journal are another 10%, and your enthusiastic participation in group and individual work, draft conferences, and labwork, will be the remaining 10%.

A scale of the points allotted per paper and assignment will be distributed later in the semester.

The midterm grade will be based on the number of points accumulated by midterm. The final grade is not averaged with the midterm grade: it, too, is based on the total number of points accumulated from the beginning of the semester.

In order to pass to English 102, you must receive at least a "C" in this course. You cannot pass this course if you are missing any of the papers or the journal, no matter how many points you have accumulated. You must attend the final.


You are expected to attend every class: do not miss more than 6 class meetings. Should you miss 7 or more, you will receive an "F" for the semester. If there are extenuating circumstances, please explain them to me. Traffic court and medical appointments are not excused. Merely calling in will not excuse an absence. You will be considered late if you arrive after the scheduled beginning of class. Two lates will constitute an absence. You will be considered absent if you are 10 or more minutes late. Leaving early will also be considered an absence.


You will keep a journal for this class. It will consist of two parts. One part will be 12 typed, doublespaced, pages long, and will be your observations, ideas, reviews, reflections, and comments. This is not a diary, so do not record repetitive daily movements or embarrassing details or incidents that you would not want me to read.

Do not fill up space by repeating text over and over. Drawings, phone numbers, recipes, and other classes' work do not belong. The idea of this part of the journal is to write in the modes that we will be using in class. Do not write short stories, poetry, song lyrics, raps, or other fiction material. You may use a quote, if it is 2 or fewer lines long, and has its author attributed. You must then comment or reflect on what the quote means to you.

Partial pages will not be counted at all. Material that is inappropriate for the journal, or for scholastic work in general, will also not count.

The second part of the journal will be in-class assignments. You will choose ten of the writing prompts that I give you, and develop them into full one page essays. For this part of the journal, you must use ideas that I have assigned to you. 

You will take unannounced quizzes at the beginning of some class sessions. These quizzes cannot be made up later.

You are responsible for all work assigned to you in class, verbally, on the board, or via handout.


I expect your behavior to be civil at all times. I adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

Pagers, cell phones, tape players, and all other electronic gadgets and toys are not to be operated in class. Only certified emergency personnel, such as police, fire, or paramedics, may operate a pager in class.

Do not bring visitors or children to class.

All papers are to be given to me personally, I am not responsible for work that is turned in by or to somebody else, or that was shoved under a door that you thought was mine. Keep copies of your work.

My office hours are posted. You may also make an appointment to see me at other times, if mutually agreeable.

Computers are to be used only for class-related work, at times that I have assigned you to use them. Do not use your personal e-mail accounts in class at any time.