Cinderella - January 2020
PRICING INFO (weekday shows)

authored by Michele L. Vacca


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About the Children's Theatre Company
Email TODAY to see if seats are still available: box office
Or Call 708-210-5741

Additional performances on Saturdays,
January 11 & 18, 2020 at 11am & 2pm

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WeekDAY Shows (Tuesday-Friday) - How To Make A Reservation
Call, email or fax us. We will take your reservation over the phone and hold your seats until the deposit deadline.

BOX OFFICE HOURS: Call us at our 24/7 voice mail line at 708-210-5741. Please leave a detailed message on voice mail. We will return your call within 36 hours, or you may receive a response via email or fax. You can also email: ellie. Our fax is 708-225-5817.

50% DEPOSIT: If you're new to us, large group reservations will require a 50% deposit in advance. Returning schools in good standing may not need to pay a deposit. Deposits and letters of intent are due 10 business days after reservation confirmation. The balance of your reservation may be paid on the day of your performance. Deposits and final payments are non-refundable.

10% RULE: If your reservation head count drops by more than 10% on the day of performance, you will pay for your original reservation less 10% of that count. Example: You reserve 100 seats, but bring only 60 people. You will be charged for your original reservation of 100 less 10% (10 seats), or 90 seats.

Head Count CHANGES: If you are adding to your reservation, you should call earlier as we may not be able to accommodate additional seating for your group. Deadline for reducing your head count is Friday, November 15, 2019. After that date, the "10% Rule" will be applied to your balance.

REFUNDS: We do not issue refunds of any kind. If you are paying for your reservation via check, please make sure the check is written for the correct amount. We cannot issue "change" if you pay by check. Deposits and final payments are non-refundable.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these thespians from the completion of their appointed play." In other words, we perform no matter what the weather. As such, deposits and final payments are non-refundable.

PAYMENT: Make checks payable to: SSC Performing Arts Center. Cash and purchase orders are also accepted. We do not accept credit or debit cards. If paying in cash, please visit your bank, if necessary, to change your cash into something easily countable. If you do bring a large pile of $1 bills, we may have to wait until after the performance to deliver your receipt.

SEATING: Seating arrangements are at the sole discretion of the theatre manager. We do our best to seat small children near the front, but that is not always possible. Our main objective is to keep your group seated together, to ensure no lost children. A few days prior to the performance, you will receive a seating chart which marks your group's location. Please let us know at the time of your reservation if you require wheelchair seating.

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Weekend (Saturday) Shows - How To Make A Reservation

For reservations, phone 708-210-5741. Please leave a detailed message on voice mail.
Email: ellie

Be sure to leave the following information:
-- Your Name, and the correct spelling
-- The number of tickets you'd like
-- Performance Date
-- Performance Time
-- Your Phone Number

We will hold your tickets for you at the door. Please come to the theatre at one half hour prior to the performance. Ask for the tickets in your name and you can pick them up and pay for them at that time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do teachers or chaperones pay? Does my 1 year old need a ticket? They will sit in my lap.
A: Yes. Admission is paid by everyone who attends.

Q: How long is the show?
A: Cinderella is approximately one hour and five minutes long.

Q: Is this a musical? Is this the Disney version?
A: Cinderella is Michele L. Vacca's original adaptation of the famous legends and ballads. It is neither a musical nor the Disney version.

Q: Do I need to use my credit card to hold my tickets?
A: No. We accept cash and checks only. We reserve tickets on the "honour system." If you need to cancel your reservation, please let us know!

Q: If we're late, will we still be able to get in to see the show?
A: We cannot guarantee that we will seat late arrivals, nor can we guarantee there will be space available at another show time. Please be courteous to the other groups who did arrive on time. If you need to make more than one trip to bring your group here, you need to make sure your final group arrives NO LATER than 15 minutes prior to the stated show time.

Q: Our group will be carpooling and everyone won't arrive at the same time. How should we pay?
A: If your group arrives separately, please arrange for payment to be collected or made by one person.

Q: May I bring snacks to the show?
A: We do not allow food or drink in the theatre. We have EXTREMELY limited facilites for group lunch space on campus and Please call for more information.

Q: What time do the doors to the theatre open?
A: We open the house for seating 45 minutes to one-half hour before the performance begins. Please be prompt so we can start on time.

Q: May I take pictures during the show?
A: Flash photography is not allowed as it disturbs the actors and may cause momentary "blindness," which is dangerous. Turn your flash OFF. Additionally, videotaping of performances is a copyright violation and is not allowed per our agreement with the playwright. This includes the small "movies" than can be taken with digital cameras. We take our agreement with the playwright seriously. We will confiscate your camera for the remainder of the show and erase any movies.

Q: Is this show appropriate for a 1 year old? 12 year old?
A: Some 1 year olds will enjoy watching the colored lights, hearing the music and seeing the movement on the stage, while other wee ones of that age are frightened of the noise. For older kids, it depends on how much they enjoy seeing live theatre performances. Our children's shows don't "talk down" to kids and contain humour suitable for all ages. Use your best judgment when deciding what age group to bring to the show.

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Additional Information

We sell soda and baked goods in the lobby of the Performing Arts Center before the show on Saturdays only. The line at the concession stand can get rather long. This is another reason to come early.

We no longer allowing food or drink in the theatre. You may NOT bring your goodies into the theatre.

Soda is 50 cents a cup and baked goods are generally 50 cents per item.

Flash photography is not allowed during the performance as the flash can disturb the actors.

Videotaping of performances is not allowed per our agreement with the playwright. Our own television department may videotape the performance for use in public relations materials. This recording will not be sold or distributed to individuals outside the college.

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