Hansel and Gretel - August 1998
Sadly, these are the only photos we have of the show as it was presented on the STAGE of the Kindig Performing Arts Center. Find out why and see more pictures of the 1998 production of Michele L. Vacca's Hansel and Gretel by going on to the next picture page.
Duckie Drechny (left) as the Witch, Siobhán McGuire (center) as Rasputin and Shannon Lisewski as Dizzy. "We must wear a disguise!"
Rasputin, Hansel, Father and Dizzy.
"We must come up with a plan!"
From left to right: Eric Atkinson as Hansel, Matt Drwiega as Father, Heather Young as Gretel and Siobhán McGuire as Rasputin.
"Let's cast a spell!"
Dizzy (left), René Sauriol (center) as
The Witch and Rasputin.

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