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Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk - January 2006
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Cast and Crew - Jack and the Beanstalk - January 2006
The Cast - In Order of Appearance Design Team
Clarabelle: Angela Martin   Director, Sound Designer: Ellie Shunko
Jack: Mike Novakavich Stage Manager: Rochelle Walters
Mother: Shannon McHugh Lighting Designers: Lydia Bellamy-Palma
Harold H. Fairdeal: Jon Jenkins   Dominic Bellamy-Palma
Tillie Shoelaces: Andrea Klinefelter Costume Designer: Dawna Sladcik
Brunhilde: Laura Tiemens Set Designer: Vernon Schwartz
Eggberta: Juniper! Prop Designer: Angela Martin
Tyrone Shoelaces: Paul Braun Master Carpenter: Bill Graham
Production Staff
Prop Mistress: Amanda Cuzzo   Vine Artwork: Barry Zurawicz
Tyrone's Table and Chair built by: Ken Michaelski Box Office Manager, Group Sales: Megan Zurawicz
Light Board Operator: Efrem Tutwiler Ushers, Concessions: PAC Rats Theatre Company
Sound Board Operator: Charlie Furtek Theatre Manager: Ellie Shunko
Set Construction, Scene Painting and Loads of Other Help
Matthew Baldwin, Dawn Begin, Scott Begin, Dominic Bellamy-Palma, Lydia Bellamy-Palma, Paul Braun,
Amanda Cuzzo, Juniper Boerman-DeYoung, Alexander DeYoung, Benjamin DeYoung, Ian Echols, Charlie Furtek,
Bill Graham, Jessica Gurnak, Crescent Hunter, Jon Jenkins, Andrea Klinefelter, Chuck Lewis,
Angela Martin, Carissa Martinez, Joe Martinez, Shannon McHugh, Mike Novakovich, Matthew Slomka,
Joey Tassin, Laura Tiemens, Efrem Tutwiler, Rochelle Walters, Sean Wright and Alberta gidniK
~ Tyrone's Towering Beanstalk Brigade ~
Dawn Begin, Paul Braun, Ashley Corbett, Amanda Cuzzo, Alexander DeYoung, Benjamin DeYoung,
Earl Dunlap, Ian Echols, Jon Jenkins, Juniper!, Andrea Klinefelter, Angela Martin, Shannon McHugh,
Mike Novakovich, Joey Tassin, Laura Tiemens and Rochelle Walters
Jack and the Beanstalk - August 2005
The Cast at First Read-Thru | Photos of Model for Set | Photos of Props
Show Photos Act 1 | Show Photos Act 2 | Show Photos Act 3
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QuickTime Slide Shows of Tyrone's Towering Beanstalk Brigade In Action! (5.6MB) | (2.9MB)
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