Rapunzel and the Frog Prince - January 2018

ABOUT THE PLAY: A uniquely comical mashup that cleverly blends the two Grimm tales into one story. This isn't your standard fairy tale!

The local witch, Gruesomella Jones conjurs a spell that will make handsome Prince Beauregard fall in love with the first woman he sees: Miss Jones herself. In walks Princess Rapunzel and the Prince immediately falls head over heels for her. Annoyed by this turn of events, Gruesomella turns Beauregard into a frog so he can't marry Princess Rapunzel.

Not knowing his true identity, Rapunzel befriends the frog. Her bird-watching mother, Queen Alexandra, attempts to find her daughter a proper princely husband. She calls in a series of candidates - each one more peculiar than the next - to present to Rapunzel in hopes that one will be able to replace her lost Prince Beauregard.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, Gruesomella and her wacky sidekick Laguna plot to capture Rapunzel and keep her from her friend and true love.

  • Produced in co-operation with Classics On Stage!
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  • Gruesomella Jones: Cheryle Braham
  • Laguna Loxley: Juniper DeYoung
  • Prince Beauregard: Zachary Scalzitti
  • Princess Rapunzel: Lauren Bryant
  • Queen Alexandra: Betty Neil
  • Prince Feeble: Pat Nevins
  • Melvin Prince: James Hudson
  • Da Prince: Paul Braun
  • Leonardo the Bard: James Hudson
  • Steve Prince: Pat Nevins
  • Capt. Darkwood: Paul Braun
  • Director, Sound Designer: Ellie Shunko
  • Stage Manager: Angela Martin
  • Costume Designer: Joanna Tassin
  • Set Designer: Dean Scalzitti
  • Lighting Designers: Lydia and Nick Bellamy-Palma
  • Prop Designer: Rochelle Walters
  • Sound Board Operator: Jordan Swierczyna
  • Bus Wrangler: Heather Young
  • Light Board Operator: Sandra Wagner

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