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Audition Callboards
Add your audition notice at these sites:
  • BackStage.Com
  • Google Search: "Audition Notices" - Click here to find tons of auditions.
    List Your Theatre Company
    Add your theatre's web page at these sites:
  • Chicago Artists Coalition - an alliance of not-for-profit arts organizations and artists in the Chicago area.
  • Performing Arts Links - Index
  • Theatre Banner Exchange
  • Drama Source - Plays, Musicals, and So Much More. Post your play or your company.
    General Theatre Resources
  • - A searchable database of monologues and scenes from films, plays, television and books. GREAT Resource!
  • Accent Help - Dialects and acccents for actors, now in a downloadable format. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • American Association of Community Theatre
  • Centerstage Chicago - The oldest independently-owned Online City Guide to Chicago. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • The Broadway Theatre: All about one of the most famous venues in New York. Recommended by the Colonial Academy Drama Students
  • History of Theatre: Recommended by the Colonial Academy Drama Students
  • Internet Theatre Database - All aspects of theatre information free of charge.
  • New York's Theatre History: Broadway: Recommended by the Alex
  • SMNetwork - The original online resource for stage managers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Shakespearean Insult Generator - Thou spongy fly-bitten incontinent varlet!
    Scripts and Royalty Houses
  • Broadway Plays Publishers: Small but mighty, Broadway Play Publishing Inc. has the performance rights for some of the finest contemporary American plays.
  • Classics On Stage! - Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays - The ONLY children's theatre scripts produced at the Kindig Performing Arts Center HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Dramatic Publishing, Inc.
  • Dramatists Play Service
  • Pioneer Drama Service
  • Samuel French
  • Godspell: Licensed by Theatre Maximus
  • Music Theater International
  • Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.
  • Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization, R&H Theatricals
    Technical Theatre - Lighting & Sound
  • Altman Stage Lighting Company, Inc - Theatre lighting.
  • Lee Filters - Colour Filters, Gobos.
  • Strand Lighting - Lighting, dimming and control systems.
  • Strong Spotlights - Followspots.
  • Rosco International - Paint, Colour Filters, Gobos.
  • Clay-Paky - Automated lighting fixtures.
  • Field Templates - Drafting templates for lighting designers.
  • Leviton Entertainment Products - Lighting, dimming and control systems.
  • Orbital Sound - Audio Playback and Show Control Software.

    Technical Theatre - Makeup
  • Ben NYE Makeup - Theatre makeup
  • Kryolan Professional Makeup - Theatre makeup.
  • Joe Blasco Cosmetics - Theatre makeup.
  • Makeup and Cosmetics History - Recommended by Cindy and Rachel from (PS: break a leg on your upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland!)
  • Mehron Makeup - Theatre makeup.
  • Show-Biz Centre - Supplier of theatrical make-up by Kryolan and Leichner, magic tricks, special effects.
  • Stage Makeup Online - Nye and Mehron, online ordering

    Technical Theatre - Costuming
  • - A Historical Snapshot of Life in the 1920's taken from Literature and Periodicals of the Period. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • AlterYears - Historical, ethnic, dance and specialty patterns, hard to find costume books, Renaissance patterns.
  • Best of Web Directory: Performing Arts Information and Resources - Recommended websites about performing arts information and resources.
  • Bitter Betty Blogs - How to make a crown from lace.
  • Broadway Costumes Inc - Rental, purchase.
  • Butterick Patterns - A few good costume type patterns can be found here.
  • Chicago Costume Company - Rental, purchase .
  • Fantasy Headquarters - Rental, purchase.
  • Farthingales - Online Catalog of Costume and Corset Supplies, Patterns.
  • Fashion Era - Two centuries of women's costume history and fashion history silhouettes in detail.
  • Fashion throughout the 20th Century - Coupon Cactus - Covers fashion from each decade, as well as provides supplemental links to additional resources.
  • Finale Gloves - Thousands of styles of gloves, bridal, vintage or modern, to choose from.
  • Folkwear Sewing Patterns - Vintage and ethnic patterns that include all types of historic clothing styles from all around the world.
  • The Glove Website - Patterns for hand made gloves, history and terminology.
  • A Guide to the Roaring Twenties - Learn about the Roaring Twenties - from fashion to slang to events and people.
  • The History of Costume: Recommended by the Colonial Academy Drama Students
  • LOTR Costume - A website featuring a research project on the Lord of the Rings costumes.
  • Margo Anderson's Historic Costume Patterns - Elizabethan and Tudor period costume patterns. Extensive and thoroughly diagramed manuals.
  • McCall Pattern Company - Simple to make Renaissance costume patterns can be found here.
  • Past Patterns - Federal, Jacksonian, Civil War, Gilded Age, Edwardian and WWI up to WWII Clothing Patterns for Men, Women and Children.
  • Patterns from the Past - Resells vintage, retro and costume sewing patterns. Out-of-print patterns, from the 1920s to the present. .
  • Patterns of Time - Specializing in Historical, Ethnic, and Fantasy Costuming.
  • - Specializing in patterns for distinctive hats, gloves and handbags.
  • Pure Costumes - The most family friendly Halloween costumes store online.
  • Re-Mix - Classic Vintage Footwear.
  • - Vintage Clothing Online - Retro 70s Disco Clothing & More
  • reVamp Vintage Clothing - Reproductions Men Women Dresses Suits 1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s.
  • - The largest selection of sewing patterns on the internet featuring Butterick, Simplicity, McCalls, Stretch and Sew.
  • Simplicity Sewing Patterns - Check out their Costume section for Renaissance costumes and Civil War collection, which includes articles by Martha McCain, Fashion Historian.
  • Smoke & Fire Company - Providing Goods for Living History Re-enactors .
  • Star Costumes - Halloween Costumes, Hats, Mascot Costumes, Renaissance Costumes, Theatrical Makeup and more.
  • Stop Staring! - Vintage inspired cocktail dresses, vintage inspired designs, and rockabilly clothing.
  • - Vintage wedding dresses, rare evening gowns.
  • Ultimate Guide of How to Remove Stains From Clothes - Great tips for getting rid of all those pesky stains! Recommended by Jessica Ebberts, seamstress and tailor
  • Unique Vintage - Vintage Clothing, Retro Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Flapper Dresses and more.
  • Vintage Martini - Patterns from the Edwardian period to the 1970s, plus links to photos for research and more.
  • Wholesale Halloween Costumes - Wholesale costumes, wigs, and make-up to order online. Great resource for smaller and low budget productions. Shopping wholesale saves money!

    Technical Theatre - Misc.
  • Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc. - Designers and builders of theatrical scenery in Chicago.
  • Clear-Com - Intercom systems.
  • Wordlwide Ticket Craft - Theatre tickets printed.
  • TicketMeister - The Raffle Ticket Solution.
  • Center Stage Software - Produces software for box offices.
  • Tools for Stagecraft - Techies go shopping here.
  • Dragon Cases - Flight cases from Dragon Cases. Custom flightcase design and manufacture.
  • Amptown Flight Cases - Custom built flight cases and trunks. ATA cases for sound, lighting, etc.
  • Bucknell University's Techland - Glossaries for Lighting and Sound Terms HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  • Stagecraft Mailing List - This mailing list is for the discussion of all aspects of stage work, including design, construction, and show production.
  • - Buy Plays, Musicals, Scripts, Resource Books and Theatrically Themed Gifts.

    Various and Sundry
  • Knots on the Web - How to tie knots.
  • Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theatre Foundation
  • The Oscar Wilde Collection
  • Real Knots - More knot tying fun!
  • UK BuyRope - A collection of rope knot video tutorials that could come in handy! Recommended by Phil Fernsby
  • Shakespeare Resource Center - Shakespeare's Globe.
  • Theatre Talks and Walking Tours - An introductory resource center for those interested in theatre history.
  • Theatre X - At Malcolm X College. A drama club for people who love performing arts. New members welcome.

    Great People in Chicago to Do Business With:
    Chicago Spotlight, Inc.
    Now merged with Grand Stage Company
    Grand Stage Company
    Office and Warehouse
    3418 N Knox Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60641
    P: 312-332-5611
    Grand Stage Company
    Downtown Quick Service Store
    1319 W Grand Ave
    Chicago, IL 60642
    P: 312-332-5611
    TF: 800-621-2181

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